E-card will be the main document of the Russian - Cell phones

E-card will be the main document of the Russian - Cell phonesPublished project the image of the Universal electronic card - a plastic card, which, as planned, since 2012 should be the main document of the citizen of Russia. She will perform the functions of ID, Bank cards, transcripts for students who travel by public transport, policy different types of insurance, and so on, reports topnews.ru. Specifically to acquaint Russians with new maps created a website. As becomes clear on its main page, the universal electronic card - uniform Federal standard.. . . Читать полностью -->

On sale a La Russe version of MotorStorm: Apocalypse - Cell phones

On sale a La Russe version of MotorStorm: Apocalypse - Cell phonesMotorstorm: Apocalypse", a localized version of almost the same name racing PS3 game Sony Computer Entertainment, is already sold in stores homeland, reports the Moscow company "1C-Softklab". That is, ethical doubts and soul gusts, revealed to the public by a foreign publishing house, which delayed the Japanese and eurobalise, not our decree. Well, che, don't we have the same Fukushima and shakes, right? Moreover, the release of the game announced almost popular festivities: "1C-SoftClub" and target "M. Video" announced rollicking action "Motorstorm Apocalypse: the race for TV". "This time, fans speed waiting for this madness, because the heats will be held on the streets of the metropolis during the powerful earthquake!" - salute CONASIDA PR assholes of the detector. Well, according to developers Evolution Studios, for racing, there is nothing better than falling on the eyes of skyscrapers, burning subway tunnels and swinging bridges.. Читать полностью -->

Twitter celebrates its fifth anniversary - Cell phones

Twitter celebrates its fifth anniversary - Cell phonesTwitter is celebrating a birthday today - five years ago, on 21 March 2006, one of the founder of the popular service for doing microblogging Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet (message no longer than 140 characters) text: inviting coworkers ("invite employees"). From the day of its publication was 3 years, 2 months and 1 day before it became a billion-account. Today, to send a billion "tweets", the users of the service only takes a week. Years, Twitter's official blog was published interesting statistics: daily service published about 140 million tweets, while registered per day on average 460 thousand new accounts. The most popular microblog Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) - at the time of writing this article he had more than 8 million 908 800 thousand "followers" (subscribers). Followed by pop star Justin Bieber (@justinbieber, 8 275 million 157 thousand) and Britney Spears (@britneyspears 7 million 177 544 thousand). Читать полностью -->

The addition of Dead Space 2: Severed will be released March 1 - Cell phones

The addition of Dead Space 2: Severed will be released March 1 - Cell phonesThe first downloadable addition to the horror-action Dead Space 2 will go on sale March 1, according to publisher Electronic Arts. The add-on, dubbed subtitle Severed, will be released only in digital format; platform PS3 and Xbox 360 (no PC, most likely, never will be). Developed a 7-dollar Supplement Visceral Games, responsible for the original project. The game will get a couple of story missions devoted to the fate of the security officer Gabe Weller, who is known for Dead Space: Extraction. His story unfolds in parallel with the events in the main campaign of Dead Space 2. Once among the necromorphs, the hero must find a safe way to escape horrified space station. Читать полностью -->

Opera 6 appeared on the iPad and iPhone Cell phones

Opera 6 appeared on the iPad and iPhone Cell phonesThe Norwegian Opera Software has updated its mobile browser Opera Mini 6 for gadgets on the operating system Apple iOS. In the Arsenal of the Opera" for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - multitasking, faster loading of web pages by compressing data traffic on third-party servers and sync bookmarks across devices. Among other functions that are not in Safari (native Internet Explorer, iOS), - smooth scrolling and panning, superior scaling (including those sites that do not have "mobile" versions). For display of the iPhone 4, made by technology Retina Display, Opera improves the display quality of the sites. In addition, in the mobile browser added a quick way to share links via Facebook, Twitter or the MyOpera community. Opera Mini 6 is available for download in iTunes. Читать полностью -->

Age of Empires Online will start on August 16 - Cell phones

Age of Empires Online will start on August 16 - Cell phonesAge of Empires Online is ready to leave beta stage and it will appear on the players ' computers worldwide on August 16. Initially, the player is given the choice between two powerful ancient races - the Greeks and Egyptians, as will later be given premium content packs that include everything from new civilizations to the game modes, etc. To purchase the game can be as in retailers and on the website AgeofEmpiresOnline.com. Also, the developers provide 40 hours of free gameplay. You can play co-op or against each other, crafting and sell items, pumped by completing quests.. . Читать полностью -->

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