Android ahead of iPhone download sites - Cell phones

Android ahead of iPhone download sites - Cell phonesSmartphone Google Nexus S was faster than the iPhone 4 in loading websites. This is the conclusion of the company's employees Blaze Software, which tested the speed of the download sites embedded in the smartphone browsers, reports Bloomberg. During testing was measured load time of websites of the largest US companies, Fortune 1000. It is noted that all analysts have conducted more than 45 thousand measurements and found that Android-based smartphone, the Nexus S was downloaded page 52 percent faster than the iPhone. On average, this indicator amounted to 2.1 seconds in Android and 3.2 seconds the iPhone. However, it is clarified that the time required to smartphones to download full versions of sites. Читать полностью -->

Intel announced laptops-"ultrabooks" - Cell phones

Intel announced laptops-Intel at Computex in Taiwan announced ultra-thin laptops - "ultrabooks" (ultrabooks). Executive Vice President of Intel's Sean Maloney (Sean Maloney) said that "ultrabooks" will combine the performance of laptops with features of tablets. The device will use the Sandy Bridge chips with the subsequent transition to the 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge chip. Their thickness will be up to two inches, according to a press release on the company's website. Another advantage of the "ultrabooks" will be a long time battery life. The price of "ultrabooks" will be less than a thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

Torchlight was a platinum - Cell phones

Torchlight was a platinum - Cell phonesThe number of sold copies of Torchlight exceeded one million. The company Runic Games, who developed the game, said on 6 June. Action-rpg Torchlight was released for the PC in October 2009, the first 500 thousand copies were sold within six months after release. In March 2011, Runic Games has released a version for the Xbox, but platinum play has become thanks to the summer sale in the Steam system, dedicated to the independence Day in the United States. In the spring of 2011 was the scheduled release of Torchlight II, but then the developers said that it was postponed. Studio Runic Games is headed by Travis Baldree (Travis Baldree) and Max Schaefer (Max Schaefer). Читать полностью -->

Microsoft has updated the map of the spread of piracy in Russia - Cell phones

Microsoft has updated the map of the spread of piracy in Russia - Cell phonesMicrosoft has summed up the results of the next wave program monitoring piracy in the computer retail in the regions of Russia. About 20% of 3229 proven retail outlets in 94 cities of Russia in one form or another offer their customers unlicensed software, preset pirated software stores allow in 11% of retail outlets. Compared with the results of the previous wave of the program, conducted in the fall of 2010, the average level of piracy in the points of sales have declined significantly in the Volga Federal district and currently stands at 19%, slightly lower than the average level in Russia. The high level of piracy was noted in Saransk (50%), Penza (44%) and Ulyanovsk (40%). The most positive trend in reducing the level of piracy was recorded in Samara (27%). Cities with the lowest levels of piracy in the district were Cheboksary (2%) and Kazan (6%). Читать полностью -->

Microsoft announced Windows 8 - Cell phones

Microsoft announced Windows 8 - Cell phonesMicrosoft on Wednesday, June 1, at the D9 conference in California introduced the Windows 8 operating system. It is stated on the Microsoft website. A new version of the operating system will run on computer architecture, x86, and mobile ARM chips. A leading developer of Windows Steven Sinofsky (Steven Sinofsky) said that "tablet" apps can be run on computers where the control is performed by using the mouse and keyboard. Sinofsky also said that Windows 8 is the code name for the operating system. Under which name the OS will be released on the market, while not disclosed. Читать полностью -->

Tomorrow will be the release of the downloadable add-on Magicka: Vietnam - Cellular phones

Tomorrow will be the release of the downloadable add-on Magicka: Vietnam - Cellular phonesPublisher Paradox Interactive reminds us that tomorrow, April 12, will go on sale in downloadable addition Magicka: Vietnam. ...Developed by the Studio Arrowhead Game, which are responsible for the original game. To purchase the add-on will be available in the Steam system, paying $4,99. Magicka is probably one of the best isometric action last time. The original project was released on January 25 in the West and 4 March in Russia (publisher-localizer - "1C-SoftClub"). In Magicka together with four mighty wizards saved the fairy world from an evil sorcerer and his minions. Читать полностью -->

Ukrainian ImPAD against the iPad (video) - Cell phones

Ukrainian ImPAD against the iPad (video) - Cell phonesRomka premiere iPad 2 almost eclipsed another sensational event in the IT world. Almost simultaneously for applausi tablet world saw a tablet from the Ukrainian developers. ImPAD confidence shines in Kiev stores and will soon be available on the Russian market.. . . . Читать полностью -->

PowerShot SX230 HS was the first "CD" Canon GPS Cell phones

PowerShot SX230 HS was the first Line of Canon cameras PowerShot SX joined model PowerShot SX230 HS and PowerShot SX220 HS. They belong to the category of "super-zooms" are very compact and can manually change the capture settings. Model PowerShot SX230 HS is the first among compact cameras Canon has got built-in GPS receiver. With its help the user can provide snapshots of information about the coordinates of the shooting and lead the travel route in the log. Later you can view the route using the supplied Map Utility program that integrates with Google Maps. New replaced model PowerShot SX210 IS, inheriting its characteristics, demand for travel: compact body streamlined, thanks to which the camera fits easily in a pocket, and a lens with a wide focal length range. Читать полностью -->

"Classmates" launched videorender - Cell phones

In the popular Russian social network Odnoklassniki opened section "Video", through which users can share with your friends interesting videos. This was reported in the press release received by the editors Вестей.Ru. To access the video via the main menu. Choose interesting videos and recommend them to friends using the button "Class!" the participants of the social network by using the recommendation system. It is planned that section "Video" will be at the expense of the video. As a partner of the new service were made by domestic video RuTube, supplying the "Classmates" user content. Читать полностью -->

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