Batman: Arkham City will appear in the October - Cell phones

Batman: Arkham City will appear in the October - Cell phonesAction game Batman: Arkham City will be released in the fall, S., according to publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE): October 18, the game will appear in the United States and Canada, 19th in Australia, and the 21st in Europe. In the list of platforms - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Arkham City developed by the London Studio Rocksteady, is a story that happened a year after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. We, Batman, again go to battle with a psychopath like the Joker and Duliege. The mayor of Gotham Quincy has created a new prison for the insane villains. Читать полностью -->

Presents "invisible" keyboard Cell phones

Presents The developers claim that anyone can quickly learn touch typing on the touch screen even in the absence of key characters. The program SnapKeys 2i, developed by the American company SnapKeys is a predictive text input system - about the same as common, but many annoying T9. Its main feature is that all the letters are grouped into 6-7 pieces in four small areas on the edges of the display of a smartphone or tablet computer. In the learning process (the authors claim that it is very fast), the user sees the letters, and they cease to be displayed on the screen. When the word begins to print, the software "guesses" and shows in the center of the screen. It is difficult to say how useful would such a system of typing, but its obvious advantages are the liberation of the display from the virtual keyboard and no need to pick the right letter. Читать полностью -->

OverStrike - Thriller from the creators of the Resistance - Cell phones

OverStrike - Thriller from the creators of the Resistance - Cell phonesEmployees of the Studio Insomniac Games said that currently they are developing a new game called OverStrike. In this game, the authors will present its own version of the future. Players will assign the role of one of four secret agents squad OverStrike 9. The plot command from the former bounty hunter, the young researcher, detective and criminal experiencing not the best times. The characters were strongly offended by his superiors. Now they have a chance to prove their professionalism: a mysterious group of terrorists threatening to destroy all life. Читать полностью -->

Sega has announced a new simulator - Cell phones

Sega has announced a new simulator - Cell phonesSega has announced a new game in the series of racing games Sega Rally, reports Eurogamer. Sega Rally Online Arcade will be distributed through network services consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The release date has not been announced.In Sega Rally Online Arcade is the championship mode, players will also be able to take individual time trial. In both modes will be integrated online functionality, but what will it be, at the moment unknown. In addition, players can compete in online races. The choice will be available 13 race cars. Читать полностью -->

China made batteries with USB connector - Cell phones

China made batteries with USB connector - Cell phonesThe team of designers from China demonstrated developed jointly concept rechargeable batteries, the Continuance of which is equipped with a USB connector. For alarms, power flashlight, traditional appliances used these batteries. The developers have created the batteries are rechargeable. The owner of the batteries should be worn not only batteries, but the USB cable for your phone, music player, which can urgently needed. In the case of new batteries also have a USB connector. These batteries can be installed, for example, in a flashlight. Читать полностью -->

Expected supply disruptions iPad 2 - Cell phones

Expected supply disruptions iPad 2 - Cell phonesIHS iSuppli dealing with market analysts decided that rushed to conclusions about the sales of the iPad 2 in 2011 and has sharply lowered its forecast at 4 million to 43.7 million to 39.7 million sales. Rumor has it that a sharp decline in sales of the iPad 2 is associated with the production problems that have arisen in the beginning of the year. It is also known that problems arose because of a shortage of speakers and doubts about the quality of the LCD panels. IHS iSuppli also expressed their opinion about the fact that the problems in the first half, resulting in a decline in sales, no were not related ambition with the earthquake in Japan, however, problems caused by catastrophy in the second half, can greatly spoil the numbers Apple, and put all of its efforts to increase production in jeopardy.. . . Читать полностью -->

A new computer virus threatens to bring down the Internet - Cell phones

A new computer virus threatens to bring down the Internet - Cell phonesA new computer virus able to bring down the Internet worldwide. It is for scientific purposes! developed at the University of Minnesota. It disables all connections to the Internet. When this technique is still in order, but the computer doesn't see the network and can't deal with malware. Existing protection is not able to recognize the virus, say the inventor Max Suchard. Disabling the user's computer from the Internet, the virus continues to send Gigabyte data. Читать полностью -->

Were created artificial muscles for robots - Cell phones

Were created artificial muscles for robots - Cell phonesNowadays robots are still immature and angular metal devices, a move which forced pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms. Scientists from New Zealand decided to change the situation and to empower a new generation of robots muscles, which are very similar to human. New muscles were created in Bioengineering from the University of Auckland and are not only flexible and agile, but superior to human strength. New muscles for robots can be reduced by 300% under the action of the current, which gives the opportunity to develop an incredible effort. Now it became known that muscles for robots were created from multiple layers of special conductive carbon "jelly", which specifically was separated elastic film of polymers for insulation. While the supply voltage is the attraction of the opposite poles of the device that causes muscles to contract, if the voltage disappears, then there is relaxation of the muscles. Читать полностью -->

Tomorrow will be the release action Yakuza 4 - Cell phones

Tomorrow will be the release action Yakuza 4 - Cell phonesAction Yakuza 4 will be released in the US on March 15th and in Europe - 18th. The game will only appear on the PlayStation 3. Thus, localization took SEGA exactly a year: the Japanese had access to Yakuza 4, created in the Studio CS1 Team in March 2010. Fictional criminal district Kamuro, famous for its criminal gangs, with us again. The developers have expanded the game locations: new dark streets, Parking lots, places of entertainment, rooftops, and even sewage. This means that to deal with opponents alone will not work. Читать полностью -->

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