Google expands censorship according to - Cell phones

Google expands censorship according to - Cell phonesSince January, Google filters "pirate" terms in the autocomplete and instant search. Users who are looking for words like "torrent", "BitTorrent" and "RapidShare" noticed that the words are not padded and the search takes place only after the complete input word. This week the list was extended to (at least) one new term - "Mediafire". While censorship of their search, Google makes it clear that it is committed to combating online infringement of copyright. So far, however, the list of forbidden words seemed arbitrary. Why add file hosting Mediafire, but not its direct competitors, such as Hotfile and Fileserve? Why BitTorrent client Utorrent, but not its main competitor Vuze? The representative of Google Mistique Kano said that the company announced in his blog late last year. Читать полностью -->

Apple TV has mutated into a game console - Cell phones

Apple TV has mutated into a game console - Cell phonesThe Apple TV set-top box, designed for Internet TV, which in the future may acquire support online gaming. In the new code firmware iOS 4.3 beta 3 were detected line ATVGames and ATVThunder, writes Engadget. According to our, they can point to any controller, player rankings, multiplayer and rental games in the online store (probably in the iTunes Store). Considering only 8 GB of internal memory, Apple TV, Apple TV, most likely, will support online play in streaming mode. This assumption is also confirmed line "", notes the online edition. Using AppleTV users can also play multimedia content from the Network, and also to listen music and watch movies that are stored in their homes on other devices. Читать полностью -->

From St. Petersburg to Stockholm with a speed of up to 6.4 Tbps - Cell phones

From St. Petersburg to Stockholm with a speed of up to 6.4 Tbps - Cell phonesThe company Edpnet has launched a new external DWDM channel of communication between St. Petersburg and Stockholm. Analogues of this communication channel in Russia. It is built on the basis of the transport platform the Cisco ONS and allows you to transfer information between Russia, Europe and North America with a speed of up to 6.4 Tbit/s Project demonstrates ambitious plans Edpnet to expand its business in the Russian Federation. With the new DWDM channel, increased speed of access to foreign hosting resources for Russian and European end-users. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft will change the format discs for Xbox 360 - Cell phones

Microsoft will change the format discs for Xbox 360 - Cell phonesFormat disks for Xbox 360 will be changed, according to the website Eurogamer with reference to video game developers. In the coming days, the U.S. will begin beta-testing the updated version of the operating system of the Xbox 360, which includes the recognition of a new type of disk. At the moment the media for Xbox 360 are a dual layer DVD with limited space in 6.8 gigabytes. On the disk there is also a section of about one Gigabyte hosting service information and system anti-piracy protection. According to the representatives of the gaming companies that have already received the new version development environments under Xbox 360, new discs for the Xbox 360 will add an extra space in one Gigabyte. Читать полностью -->

Sony launches ultra slim and powerful VAIO Z - Cell phones

Sony launches ultra slim and powerful VAIO Z - Cell phonesSony has updated series notebooks VAIO Z, releasing ultra slim and powerful model VPCZ21V9E. The laptop got a 13.1-inch display with a 1600x900 screen resolution pixels, a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz solid-state hard disk capacity of up to 225 GB and 8 GB of RAM, and Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth 2.1. Together with the battery unit weighs 1.2 kg, and the thickness of its body made of carbon fiber, is 16,65 mm, the battery will last up to 7 hours. The apparatus also got a 1.3 megapixel camera, USB port and touch pad, able to recognize fingerprints. The laptop comes with pre-installed 64-bit Windows 7 Professional with service updates Service Pack 1 (SP1). According to the press release, the new VAIO Z operating system from Microsoft will be loaded up to 50% faster than conventional notebooks. Читать полностью -->

Released a trial version of Halo: Reach - Cell phones

Released a trial version of Halo: Reach - Cell phonesIf you never met the shooter Halo: Reach, released eight months ago, now is the time. Studio Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios presented the demo version of the game. Downloading it online Xbox Live, users will be able to "feel" the mission Long Night of Solace from the campaign mode, to get acquainted with card Powerhouse for competitive multiplayer and check yourself in a Firefight mission designed for co-op mode. The game was released on the Xbox on September 14, 2010. Earthlings, led by the Cosmic forces of the United Nations, fighting the Covenant, an Alliance of alien races. Attacking a planet rich aliens are preparing to destroy humanity. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft introduced the "Star wars for Kinect - Cell phones

Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Games Studios announced the project Kinect Star Wars. This was reported on the website Entertainment Weekly, there is also the exclusive trailer of the game. The gameplay will be using the Kinect sensor. Action, Kinect Star Wars takes place in different locations of the universe of "Star wars". The storyline covers the period between the first and third episodes. With the passage of the players will encounter characters who previously appeared in "Star wars". Читать полностью -->

Rockstar has revealed the first details about Max Payne 3 - Cell phones

Rockstar has revealed the first details about Max Payne 3 - Cell phonesRockstar has revealed the first details of the game Max Payne 3. They will appear in the may issue of the magazine EDGE, but now became available to journalists. On the game, there are multiple studios Rockstar: Vancouver, Toronto, London, New England. Max Payne 3 is being developed on the engines Rage and Euphoria, which were previously used in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. The third part was announced back in 2009, but since Rockstar has not made any official announcements about the new game. Action Max Payne 3 takes place 8 years later after the events of the second part. Читать полностью -->

Samsung starts production of flexible displays in 2012 - Mobile phones

Samsung starts production of flexible displays in 2012 - Mobile phonesIn the second quarter of next year, Samsung plans to develop mass production of flexible displays for portable devices. It is reported that the production of displays will apply the technology of AMOLED (active matrix organic led). This technique allows you to create screens with low compared to traditional LCD displays power consumption, small thickness, superior color reproduction and high contrast. The flexibility of the panels will attach to the plastic substrate. It is noted that the radius of curvature will be about 2 centimeters; screens theoretical can be rolled into a tube. Initially, Samsung will have mastered the production of flexible displays with a diagonal of 4 to 4.5 inches, which will be used in smartphones. Читать полностью -->

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