Intel will Podruga Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 - Cell phones

Intel will Podruga Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 - Cell phonesChipsets from Intel next year will be to support not only her own Thunderbolt port for PC connection peripheral devices provide high-speed data transmission, but also USB 3.0. Support both interfaces will be entered in the processor microarchitecture Ivy Bridge family of chips, which should be out in early 2012 and to replace the current Sandy Bridge. This was stated by Vice-President of the group of Intel kirk Skaugen, speaking at a conference for developers IDF 2011 in Beijing. Now USB 3.0 support is provided only in some motherboards for PC. USB 3.0 increasingly taken on arms in the industry - on the eve of the support of this interface in a hybrid Fusion processors announced Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), writes CNET. Thunderbolt was shown on a computer running Mac OS X at the conference in 2009, and in February 2011 was first built in the model of the updated series MacBook Pro from Apple. Читать полностью -->

The popularity of the Windows 7 exceeded the XP - Cell phones

The popularity of the Windows 7 exceeded the XP - Cell phonesI think everyone agrees that windows Xp was the most popular even after the release of windows Vista. But now everything has changed with the release of the windows 7 operating system, according to the company Microsoft 2011 has been found on many more trips to the update center with computers running windows 7. Xp for the first time lost his younger brother. In December, when he conducted the same comparison was that the number of PC with XP has become somewhat less, than the versions of Vista and Windows 7 taken place. Now the seventh version has outgrown XP without the help of other operating systems. When the computer is accessing the service updates, installed version is not verified for authenticity, so it is impossible to say precisely how many pirate and licensed versions installed, that's the reason it is impossible to determine who was the leader of sales, but rather the fact that windows 7 is already more than the old Xp. Читать полностью -->

The console version of The Witcher 2 will emit THQ - Cell phones

The console version of The Witcher 2 will emit THQ - Cell phonesThe console versions of the role playing game the Witcher 2 had a publisher. It was THQ. The PC version, released in may, S. G., was produced jointly by Namco Bandai (Europe) and Atari (USA). Why do these companies have been left behind, it's hard to say. But we know that the game will be released only on Xbox 360 (about porting to PS3 developers and do not think), and it's going to be November 15. Читать полностью -->

Skype will release an iPad app with video calling Mobile phones

Skype will release an iPad app with video calling Mobile phonesIn the Apple App Store now appears the Skype app, designed specifically for the iPad. Now the owners of iPads can do VoIP calls only through the application version for smartphone iPhone, which is not optimized for high resolution display. According to a survey of the Internet publication CNET got an opportunity to test the program before all, Skype works on both iPad generations. However, the owners of the "old" gadget will only be able to receive but not send video, because the device lacks a camera. The publication writes that mobile Skype retained intuitive interface: the list of contacts is located in the left part of the window, and text messages on the right. During testing it was found that Skype for iPad works best with a PC connected to Wi-Fi. Читать полностью -->

iPhone taught to determine the type of tree by its leaves - Cell phones

iPhone taught to determine the type of tree by its leaves - Cell phonesNew app for iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple, determines the appearance of the tree, by analyzing a photograph of his leaves. Download the app LeafSnap here, and briefly wrote about it Wired. The first step in determining the type of tree is the photographing of the sheet. The application then determines the exact form using the algorithm developed by experts at Columbia University and the University of Maryland, which is used to recognize faces. Next, the application maps the information received from the database about the different kinds of trees and chooses from it the desired look. In that case, if LeafSnap cannot make a definite conclusion, it provides the user with additional information (such as information about where they grow trees candidate, the appearance of their flowers and seeds, and so on). Читать полностью -->

MTS launched its own payment system - Cell phones

MTS launched its own payment system - Cell phonesMTS, the largest cellular operator in Russia, is launching its own payment system on the Internet, promising that the fee for service payment will be three times less than that of the terminal. About this newspaper "Kommersant". Service "Online payment", which is posted on the operator's website in the section "Replenishment", reminds street terminal to receive payments. It allows you to pay for various services (communications, utilities, etc.) using Bank cards. No pre-registration card and create a personal account to use the service is not required. The fee for using the service "Online payment" is from 0 to 3 percent, while the terminal Commission reaches 10 percent. Читать полностью -->

Authors LJ was allowed to thank the material and Cell phones

Authors LJ was allowed to thank the material and Cell phonesIn the next update LiveJournal had the opportunity to thank the authors of the material. This was reported in the press release received by the editors "". To thank the financial equivalent of using the button "10 coins", each press of which the author lists these funds from the account of the user pressing the button. Financially reward a favorite author you will have to account for at least 10 tokens which you can buy in the store LJ. Cost 10 tokens is 3 rubles. "In the future, the number listed in the support tokens will affect the overall rating records, you will build a separate ranking of the most passionately supported by the readers of the accounts," he wrote in his blog development Director LiveJournal Ilya Dronov. Читать полностью -->

Youth stalls due to mp3 players - Cell phones

Youth stalls due to mp3 players - Cell phonesMany students believe that they hearing all is in order. However, new studies indicate that approximately one-fourth of them are showing early signs of hearing loss. A new study published in the journal "international audiology". Scientists made this discovery for students with normal hearing research, during which the experts were going to figure out how the music player can affect hearing. Some of the students that during a telephone interview reported that their hearing was normal, definitely had problems with hearing, as was later shown by testing. A quarter of participants from 56 who reported normal hearing during the initial telephone interview, the hearing was lower by about 15 dB at one or more test frequencies. Читать полностью -->

Studio Certain Affinity working on the game Crimson Alliance - Cell phones

Studio Certain Affinity working on the game Crimson Alliance - Cell phonesTexas Studio Certain Affinity introduced co-op action-RPG Crimson Alliance. This is the second independent development company. The first project is a fun strategy Age of Booty, was released in 2008. But most of all Certain well-known work on downloadable additions to large-scale projects like Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead and Halo Waypoint. But back to Crimson Alliance. The release is scheduled for summer 2011. Читать полностью -->

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