Nokia will lose their former positions in the market of smartphones - Cell phones

Nokia will lose their former positions in the market of smartphones - Cell phonesUnconditional, previously occupied by the dominance of Nokia, 40% of the smartphone market fell to a much more modest level of 25%. Experts predict a further decline, but Nokia optimistic, and scheduled to release phones running Windows Phone 7. Percentages Apple grew by 15%, and Samsung by 16%. So, Nokia, which last year took as much as 40% of the smartphone market slipped on a considerably more modest 25%. Experts believe that the decrease in its market share will continue throughout this year, while Nokia and optimistic and plans to release models running Windows Phone 7. But the market share Apple has increased by as much as 15% compared with the previous quarter to 19%, while Samsung is 16%. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft to replace part of the Xbox 360 after update firmware - Cell phones

Microsoft to replace part of the Xbox 360 after update firmware - Cell phonesMicrosoft to replace part of the Xbox 360 consoles, which may not be able to read the game discs after the coming update system. This was reported by the Australian branch of the website Kotaku, citing a letter from the company to one of the players and the confirmation from the official blog of Xbox support. As was later revealed, the console user site was purchased in 2009 and had a complete set of Pro hard drive 60 GB. Microsoft, in his letter asked him to send your Xbox 360 to the service center and promised in return to send the new Xbox 360S in the complete set of 250 gigabytes and also provide free gold Xbox Live for a period of one year. The letter also indicated that the number of such problematic consoles very little. According to journalists and players, this problem stems from the fact that the Xbox 360 uses DVD drives from different manufacturers and different models. Читать полностью -->

Award of Ivor Novello got strategies Napoleon: Total War - Cell phones

Award of Ivor Novello got strategies Napoleon: Total War - Cell phonesEstablished in 1995, the prestigious music Award of Ivor Novello (Ivor Novello Award) in the Best Original Video Game Score"Best video game soundtrack) went to Richard Beddow (Richard Beddow). For the award fought three - game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, James Bond 007: Blood Stone and Napoleon: Total War. After months of discussions, the British Academy of songwriters, composers and authors (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) decided that the bronze of Euterpe decent strategy Napoleon: Total War. Soundtrack Total War, the main author of which is Richard Beddow, stands out bright orchestral component; recording (made, incidentally, in the concert hall "Radio" in Bratislava) conducted the Slovak national Symphony orchestra; vocals - Slovak national chamber choir. "We are very pleased that Richard's work is so highly valued, comment rewarding developers. He is the second year in a row nominated for this award, and his triumph underlines what we pay attention to the music in games". Читать полностью -->

LG will look to mobile platform MeeGo - Cellular phones

LG will look to mobile platform MeeGo - Cellular phonesLG Electronics has shown interest in the mobile platform MeeGo, Reuters reports, citing a statement by Valtteri hull (Valtteri Halla), one of the leaders of the MeeGo project. Hull said that LG has joined the working group, which aims to create a version of MeeGo for smartphones. The group consists of Chinese telecommunications company ZTE and mobile operator China Mobile. The representative of LG, which is the third largest mobile phone manufacturer, has confirmed that the company was cooperating with the MeeGo project. However, according to him, in the near future LG has no plans to release mobile devices based on MeeGo and consider this platform as the basis for infotainment systems in cars. The MeeGo open source was presented in February 2010. Читать полностью -->

Game Virtua Tennis 4 printed - Cell phones

Game Virtua Tennis 4 printed - Cell phonesLocalization PC game Virtua Tennis 4 is completed, the project sent "gold", informs national publishing company "1C-Softklab". The release will take place on 7 July. By the way, the original game was announced only for consoles. Foreign publisher SEGA released it on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii (this may). To the great joy of IBM-compatible fans herbal and ground pads, yellow balls and rackets SEGA has promised to release a PC version... The essence of the action is simple: choose a favorite athlete on the court. Читать полностью -->

Samsung has created a new type of Cell phones

Samsung has created a new type of Cell phonesNew technology, which in the future will appear on mobile phones and tablets developed by company Samsung.Specialists of the South Korean advanced Institute of technology Samsung has created a new type. He can bend in half. Moreover, the image quality does not suffer. According Computerra, the main feature of the prototype is the ability to fold in half without a visible fold. The development consists of two AMOLED panels, silicone pads, protective glasses and modular housing. The prototype has a small bend radius is only 1 mm Researchers from Samsung showed that their screen is fairly reliable in operation. Читать полностью -->

Presents a cylindrical display on organolead - Cell phones

Presents a cylindrical display on organolead - Cell phonesMitsubishi Electric has unveiled a prototype of a cylindrical display, organic light emitting diode. New Japanese company has a size of about two meters in diameter, writes The length of the screen on the circumference is a little more of 5.75 meters. The display is called the Diamond Vision OLED and consists of modules that are interconnected so that the entire display will show the total picture. The module size in length and height is 38,4 cm and a resolution of 128 by 128 pixels. The resolution of the whole structure is 1920 pixels wide by 256 pixels. Читать полностью -->

The release action The First Templar - Cell phones

The release action The First Templar - Cell phonesThe release of the PC version of the action "The First Templar. In search of the Holy Grail," according to the publisher Akella. It was released yesterday, may 18. And localization will appear on Xbox 360, but a little later on the 27th, if Akella not joking. In the West project, created by the Studio Haemimont Games, Kalypso Media publishes. The action takes place at the end of the XIII century in the Holy Land and is filed on behalf of two heroes - knight Selena de Aristide and "noble virgin Marie de Ibelin caught in the clutches of the Inquisition and declared a heretic. Читать полностью -->

Addition Old World Blues will be released next week - Cell phones

Addition Old World Blues will be released next week - Cell phonesRelease downloadable add-ons Old World Blues will be held on July 19, reminiscent of the Studio Obsidian. The third expansion pack for the role-playing game Fallout: New Vegas will appear on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The cost is $10, its publisher Bethesda Softworks. Last, to let us dust in the eyes, just released a new trailer, telling about Old World Blues. Our hero will turn into the addition in the "lab rat", participating in some mysterious scientific experiment (of course, our consent nobody asked). "Fight with their kidnappers and stand on their side, to reflect even more terrible threat hanging over the wasteland," the chirp developers.. Читать полностью -->

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