Take-Two is going to release an MMOG - Cell phones

Take-Two is going to release an MMOG - Cell phonesIt became known that publisher Take-Two has entered into a contract with the company XLGames, based in South Korea, the development of a global network game based on one of the famous franchises. While it is difficult to imagine under what brand will be released a new project, there is absolutely no information about this Take-Two does not spread. But, remember that Take-Two has, for example, a series BioShock and Grand Theft Auto, the worlds are well suited for the development of an MMOG. Will continue to monitor developments.. . . Читать полностью -->

The iPod nano will get a camera - Cell phones

The iPod nano will get a camera - Cell phonesTaiwanese our tw.apple.pro "lit" photograph of prototype media player Apple iPod nano seventh generation. Judging by the "spy" shot, on the back surface of the device will appear in the camera capable of taking pictures with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, and the "nanoflare" will retain the shape and dimensions of the sixth generation, writes Apple Insider. If this rumor will be true, and it will almost certainly happen, prediction of tw.apple.pro on all six generations of Apple iPods were true, then the camera will appear in the iPod nano for the second time. In this, the sixth generation device camera is missing, but it was built in iPod nano 5G, size and weight is closer to "touch" version of the player is the iPod touch. A month ago there were rumors that Apple will equip the following, the fifth generation iPod touch internal memory of 128 GB. The upper surface of the iPod touch 5G will probably be fully touch as the physical "home" button at the gadget, according to "leaked" sykam missing. Читать полностью -->

Mike Patton will speak evil spirit in the video game Cell phones

Mike Patton will speak evil spirit in the video game Cell phonesThe singer of Faith No More Mike Patton will voice one of the characters of the shooter game The Darkness 2, according to the website Joystiq. The game was developed by Digital Extremes for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is the sequel to the shooter The Darkness, appeared on consoles in 2007. The speech in the original game was about a hired killer Jackie Estacado. Hero was possessed by an evil spirit by the name of Darkness (Darkness) that gave him superpowers. The darkness in the first game announced it is Mike Patton. Читать полностью -->

A prototype of the iPhone 4 will sell on eBay - Cell phones

A prototype of the iPhone 4 will sell on eBay - Cell phonesOn the Internet auction site eBay has put up a pre-production model of the iPhone 4, says our This is my next. From the production model prototype has no symbols """ and "-" buttons adjust the volume on the sidebar. On the front and rear panels of the apparatus embossed number "DF1692". The device is not connected to mobile networks. In addition, the phone cannot sync with iTunes. The buttons and screen are functioning without problems, according to the description on eBay. Читать полностью -->

"Mango" from Microsoft will ripen by the fall - Cell phones

Microsoft will release a Mango - scale upgrade of the operating system Windows Phone 7 for mobile devices this fall. According to the press release, WP 7.1 was added over 500 new features. The emphasis in "Mango" is made to improve communications between users and "surfing" on the web. In particular, in WP 7.1 appears multitasking, the function of converting voice to text, face recognition, and in the "communication center" (People Hub), along with the social network Facebook, Gmail and Hotmail, will be added Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, users will be able to communicate through Windows Live Messenger and chat Facebook. Significant alteration was done with the call history, which has been integrated voice mail, missed calls, text messages, and all calendar events associated with a particular contact. Читать полностью -->

Facebook game Dragon Age Legends became public - Cell phones

Facebook game Dragon Age Legends became public - Cell phonesWithout elaborate tactics and proper combination of skills, you can lose even a pair of bald-headed wolves. Dragon Age Legends, Facebook-variation RPG Dragon Age, available to everyone, according to publisher Electronic Arts. The game was released in early February, however, in closed beta, which was able to obtain only those publishers have supplied activation key. Well, rejoice, fans of casual games: all restrictions are removed, it is enough to have a Facebook account (think hard, why you need it) - and play don't want. Dragon Age Legends is a turn - based RPG in which the user selects one of the three available classes, equips his hero and sent to the battle (step) with the darkspawn, poisonous spiders, wolves, and other Facebook-stuff. By the way, as funny as it sounds, but sometimes a tactical system in this articles looks much more developed than the widely publicized Dragon Age II (developer BioWare release - March 8). Читать полностью -->

In July, BlackBerry PlayBook appears in Europe and Asia - Cell phones

In July, BlackBerry PlayBook appears in Europe and Asia - Cell phonesResearch In Motion, a fairly large Canadian company (RIM) recently announced its own plans to enter the international market, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and for the next month. Moreover, as stated in the press release, RIM, over the next thirty days, this tablet will go on sale on the territory of the 16 countries of the world, which also includes countries such as the Netherlands, UK, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Australia, Germany, Venezuela, France, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Colombia. So, this BlackBerry tablet in countries such as Canada and the United States, already went on sale. It happened, as reported in the month of April. Even though, according to Mike Abrams, expert RBC Capital Markets (Mike Abramsky), the BlackBerry PlayBook is now extremely popular, much greater than, for example, the Motorola Xoom, a pretty decent number of users begin to criticize this device for its rather limited functionality, as well as the lack of direct access to the calendar, email and other functions. We remind you that last month the company had withdrawn the order of 1000 tablets. Читать полностью -->

By 2014 Rostelecom intends to skip 6 Рўb/s - Cell phonesOne of the strategic investment priorities of OJSC "Rostelecom" is the development of the backbone network operator. This was stated today at a press conference, the company's President Alexander Provotorov. He noted that to meet the needs of the market of Internet access bandwidth of the combined company by 2014 to exceed 6 TB/s, according to the correspondent. RIA PrimaMedia. According to the head of JSC "Rostelecom", strategy development the top priority is given to all those segments, we work with all major telecommunications companies in Russia and in the world: broadband Internet access (broadband), mobile telephony, pay TV offering services for corporate clients and major operators. Rostelecom intends to strengthen its positions on the Russian market of wired broadband access, where the company already is the absolute leader. Читать полностью -->

Tomorrow will be the release of the console shooter MindJack - Cell phones

Tomorrow will be the release of the console shooter MindJack - Cell phonesThe third person shooter MindJack is ready to (hurricane?) sales: tomorrow, 18 January, the game will appear in the United States and Canada, 21 in Europe. The game comes out only on consoles, including spotted Xbox 360 and PS3. Developed her Studio Feelplus. And publishes the Japanese Square Enix. The developers believe the project "online shooter", because the main thing here - cooperative network pass. However, did not disappear and the single-player campaign. Читать полностью -->

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