Super Street Fighter IV will appear on the PC in July - Cell phones

Super Street Fighter IV will appear on the PC in July - Cell phonesPublisher Capcom has finally announced the PC version of the fighting game Super Street Fighter IV. It happened a year after the console release. PC always some problems. The publishers referred to "a high degree of piracy, on the contrary, promised to "make every effort to move the game on. In General, the trials end: everything will be in the summer. June 7 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will receive a downloadable addition Arcade Edition, podavlyayushee's balance sheet, updating online, and adds new fighters. Читать полностью -->

Google has invited users to your music service - Cell phones

Google has invited users to your music service - Cell phonesGoogle began sending users emails inviting them to use their music service Google Music Beta. "It was our Engadget. The invitation is given to users who have asked Google to inform them about the launch of the service and left their email addresses. The first invitations were given to the owners of tablets, the Motorola XOOM. Music service Google Music Beta was launched on 10 may at the conference I/O in San Francisco. While he works in beta version and is only available to users from the United States. Читать полностью -->

Based on games Mass Effect series will take off anime Cell phones

Based on games Mass Effect series will take off anime Cell phonesOn the motives of the game series Mass Effect will remove the full-length cartoon, according to the website Eurogamer. Producing project will deal with the American company FUNimation, specializing in the distribution of anime, and the Japanese company T. O. Entertainment. The Executive producer will be Casey Hudson - member of the game developer Bioware, who led the process of creating games Mass Effect series. Premiere of the animated film will take place in 2012. Читать полностью -->

QIP will allow you to call your friends from Facebook - Cell phones

QIP will allow you to call your friends from Facebook - Cell phonesNew version of the popular Russian Internet messenger QIP Infinum integrated with the social network Facebook. This was reported on the official website of the service. Now users "Pile" can right from the app to communicate with your friends in Facebook by voice and video, read their news, as well as to leave comments, publish notes, see photos and videos. Updated QIP also allows you to communicate with the person, if he is not in the Network, but left your phone number in your profile Facebook. In this case, the cost of a call to a mobile phone in Russia will amount to 2 rubles 40 kopecks per minute. Voice and video calls from one computer to another through QIP Infinum is available for free. Читать полностью -->

Special keyboard for Facebook sale - Cell phones

Special keyboard for Facebook sale - Cell phonesThe new device has received the name of Social Network Access Keyboard (SNAK) and is only sold through the Internet at the price of $ 30. Company Social Keyboards have developed a special keyboard for users of the social network Facebook. SNAK is a standard USB keyboard with 104 keys, 19 of which serve to simplify navigation in the interface of Facebook. 11 hot keys are located to the left on the keyboard: - Messages - allows you to go directly into the Inbox - Notifications - allows you to read with notification - Edit Profile - provides quick access to the edit page of personal information - Events - logs to the search page and create events - Groups - simplifies the entry and editing of existing communities - Friends - is designed to manage a list of friends - Phonebook - instantly opens the contacts page of the phone book - Help Center - directs the user to the page of the support center website - Account Settings - manage settings account - Privacy Settings - with its help you can change the privacy settings of your account - Home - redirects to the main page Facebook Right on the keyboard, there are 8 hot keys: - Sleep - closes the page, Facebook and puts the computer in sleep mode - Photos - displays all the current pictures - Upload Photos - simply click on this button the user can upload a new photo - Upload Videos intended for download video on website - Games - launches game - Links - finds all links posted by the user and his friends - Ads Pages - controls settings for ads and pages for business cooperation - Facebook For Developers - provides quick access to the section for developers. . . Читать полностью -->

Issued one-time SD memory card - Cell phones

Issued one-time SD memory card - Cell phonesToshiba has just introduced the most strange SD card. New Toshiba Write Once, called so for a reason. The thing is that this SD card can record only once (direct analog of the ordinary, not writable CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs). The data recorded on the card may not be firewood or changed. You will not even such a map format. All this is done to increase security. Читать полностью -->

Keystrokes will recharges the laptop of the future Cell phones

Keystrokes will recharges the laptop of the future Cell phonesAustralian scientists have invented a way to store the energy you spend typing on the keyboard man, and feed it the laptop battery. The technology works on the same principle as that of the piezoelectric lighter - when selected, a small discharge of electricity. However, on the way to the practical realization of the invention still face several obstacles. First of all, peoplink should be much thinner than the one that the developers are able to create now. To achieve success, you need to use nanotechnology. Then electricity-generating coating can be applied to any parts of computers and gadgets, including on the screens of smartphones. Читать полностью -->

With RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings removed all protection - Mobile phones

With RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings removed all protection - Mobile phonesRole-playing game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings got rid of all systems and copy protection. Polish Studio CD Projekt after a week and a half after release released a patch, which, among other things, removes from play all kinds of DRM-protection. Without any activation keys you can set the project an unlimited number of times on any number of computers. Especially pleasant this news must be for domestic players on their skin felt, what oligomerizes cretinism "technology" StarForce and those who are promoting. Due to problems with the integration of this "protect" the domestic version was almost unusable. "Our goal is to delight fans and customers and reward them for purchasing a licensed copy of the game, say the poles. Читать полностью -->

Announced the first expansion for Bulletstorm - Cell phones

Announced the first expansion for Bulletstorm - Cell phonesElectronic Arts and People Can Fly has announced the first expansion for the shooter Bulletstorm called Gun Sonata. DLC for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 will go on sale in spring 2011. At the moment the game publisher Electronic Arts does not specify whether this add-on released for personal computers. The addition will include 3 new multiplayer maps Anarchy is the Elysium Hotel, Villa and Sewers of Stygia. Also it will include 2 new mission in Echo mode. The first is called the Crash Site, the soldiers Final Echo will have to escape from a crashed spaceship. Читать полностью -->

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