Tips for construction companies - Cell phones

Tips for construction companies - Cell phonesThe cherished dream of any Manager of a construction company is to enable the computer to see on his monitor one of the two buttons (red or green). The green button means the company all right, you once again not to worry, and red means there is some problem that requires the intervention of the head. It would be nice if the computer also suggested that this is the problem and how to decide what strings to pull, whom to punish. Is this possible and generally what it's all talk? And to the fact that the management company or its separate division, Department, team requires a lot of attention, responsibility and ability to anticipate potential problems. Perhaps, in most cases, the leaders in "knocked out" those people who think strategically. Unlike performers in the standard sense of the word, managers, as a rule, try to think over the development of the company, looking forward, given the experience and practice of colleagues, etc. Читать полностью -->

IPad 2 defects - Cell phones

IPad 2 defects - Cell phonesIt is too early to say how serious it is, but on the forums there were reports of a few defects detected by the users have acquired these days iPad 2 tablets. We are talking about the yellow display, as well as the leakage of light. Experts note that the yellow display met and iPhone 4. It was later revealed that the problem was caused by the wet glue. Almost immediately after the drying, the display became normal color. As in the case with the iPhone 4, the supply of the iPad 2 was also observed in a hurry, and may again was not drawn to the technological regulations. Читать полностью -->

Toshiba has developed a multi-touch resistive panel - Cell phones

Toshiba has developed a multi-touch resistive panel - Cell phonesInnovative development of the company Toshiba is a touch panel resistive type with support for multitouch, previously unavailable on the displays of this type. More popular capacitive panel. Usually the multitouch technology available to such displays, but the navigation is carried out only with the help of live fingers, or using a special stylus, which is not always convenient. And panel resistive type touch do not support. The new technology was presented at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg. Engineers Toshiba presented a draft multi-touch panel resistive type with microcontroller ARM Cortex-M3. Читать полностью -->

Vulnerability in Skype will be fixed this week - Cell phones

Vulnerability in Skype will be fixed this week - Cell phonesSkype was discovered a fairly serious vulnerability, the company recognized it. Vulnerability information provided security researcher Levent Kayan (Levent Kayan). Good news was the news that this vulnerability will be fixed as soon as possible, and if specifically on the current week. Company representatives believe that the possible danger from the discovered vulnerabilities was to say the least exaggerated. Recall that due to identified vulnerabilities hacker could get access to the user account, and under certain circumstances, and the computer itself. Representatives of Skype explained that massively exploit the vulnerability is almost impossible, because one of the conditions of vulnerability is that an attacker and the victim is exploited by the user) should be in the lists contact each other and are online at the same time.. Читать полностью -->

Android captured USA - Mobile phones

Android captured USA - Mobile phonesOperating system from the company Goggle has become a leader in the American market in the segment of smartphones. Today this software is installed in more than 31 percent of users. The former leader of sales . Blackberry has dropped to second place with a lag of almost one percent. Bronze - Apple, whose operating system operates on a quarter of smartphones.. . Читать полностью -->

Kinect got into the Guinness Book of records - Cell phones

Kinect got into the Guinness Book of records - Cell phonesContactless Kinect controller for the Xbox 360 gaming console developed by Microsoft, has brought in the Guinness Book of records. This gadget, announced in November last year, has become the most byistroprodavaemoy consumer device for entertainment in history. The record will be recorded in a "gamer" edition of 2011, writes The New York Times. Just 60 days after the sale of the software giant managed to sell over 8 million Kinect and earn them more than $ 1.5 billion. This means that from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011 on average, one day Microsoft sold 333 133 thousand devices. In the United States Kinect retails for about $ 150. Читать полностью -->

Kaberuka DART is typing on the keyboard Cell phones

Kaberuka DART is typing on the keyboard Cell phonesResearchers Institute of Technology Virginia has demonstrated a unique robotic limb, which is capable of accuracy and precision to compete with a live human hand. Robotic limb can type on the keyboard. The developers have called his invention of the DART. In the course of the research it was found that the arm can be typing at speed of 20 words per minute. Before the invention of the DART, the researchers studied the structure of the human hand, which uses four dozen muscles. The function of the muscles in the robotic limbs perform wire and servomotors. Читать полностью -->

Intel received a record profit in 2010 - Cell phones

Intel received a record profit in 2010 - Cell phones2010 was a record year for Intel, reported in the official press release. In January-December 2010 the company earned 43,6 billion dollars. The net profit of the largest manufacturer of computer processors amounted to 11.7 billion dollars. This is more than 2.5 times higher than in 2009. The company's total revenue for the year increased by about a quarter. It is noted that the amount of revenue, net income and earnings per share was a record in the history of the company. Читать полностью -->

In Korea invented the clockwork batteries - Cell phones

In Korea invented the clockwork batteries - Cell phonesTwo South Korean inventors decided to close the issue with constantly discharge the batteries, cameras, navigation devices and other mobile gadgets. They proposed a new type of battery that is rechargeable literally by hand. The older generation still found the time when wrist watches and alarm clocks had to make by hand, using a special key or the crown. It is likely that these ancient artifacts and inspired Yong Ken Hwang and Myung-Ho Kan on their invention. The essence of the proposal Koreans is that in addition to the standard rechargeable battery in case of a regular "AA" batteries AA-size mounts tiny hand generator. After changing a part of the batteries in opposite directions, the user "gets" placed inside the spring, and that, in turn, transmits energy to the generator, charge the battery part. Читать полностью -->

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