The displays of the future can be bent like paper - Cell phones

The displays of the future can be bent like paper - Cell phonesScientists from the Institute for advanced technology, Samsung (SAIT) has developed a prototype flexible display, which has a bend radius of only 1 mm This means that two AMOLED panels that make up the screen, with full closure of almost connected with each other, and if the display is in the open state, it is not visible fold lines. "Folding display stands more than 100 thousand cycles of flexion and extension. The prototype screen is made of commercially available siloxane rubber (hyperelastic material) and has a protective glass coating. The second feature allows you to include in the display, touch, writes PhysOrg. Flexible display suitable for compact mobile devices - phones, tablets, and laptops. However, for real commercial use of the screen, it is necessary to apply new materials and other technological processes. According to scientists, it may take one to two years. Their conceptual model of the flexible display with a diagonal of 13.3 inches, made by technology "e-paper", at the end of last year showed Sony. To display images, this high-tech device uses electronic ink (E-Ink) and special microcapsules..

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