Stronghold 3 will be released in the autumn - Cell phones

Stronghold 3 will be released in the autumn - Cell phonesRelease historic real-time strategy Stronghold 3 is delayed, inform the developers of Firefly Studios. Alas, to share the reason for the delay they would not. But it became known that the game has changed publisher: instead of the company SouthPeak Games release will do its branch 7Sixty. By the way, this is not the first delay, the release is already being moved from S. spring, summer. As a new date is called autumn 2011. Only PCs with other platforms Stronghold 3 is not a friend. Stronghold 3 will allow us to introduce ourselves medieval feudal Lord, the owner of the castle. Developing a stronghold, you can strengthen their own power, to fight with neighbors, to besiege the enemy homeownership and even fight for the throne. In General, we have before us one of the best medieval simulation. Hence popularity: today total sales of the first two parts exceeded 5 million copies..

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