Announced game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Cell phones

Announced game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Cell phonesIn the development really (no, really!) is the new game of the series Resident Evil, said publisher Capcom. The project, dubbed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, created by the Studio Slant Six Games. While in the list of platforms novelties are only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Release date, it does not. Maybe autumn 2011. From magazine Official Xbox Magazine, it follows that we get a team shooter, designed for three players. Raccoon City will be the story branched off from the main series. The story will unfold in raccoon city, parallel to the events depicted in Resident Evil 2. T-virus broke free and began immediately to pay civilians (other, perhaps, or not citizens or not peaceful) into zombies. Join one of three factions, we will try to survive the zombie Apocalypse and accomplish before our pride purposes. The promised participation of the Umbrella Corporation, special units of the U.S. armed forces and certain "Bioorganic war of the monsters". The presentation of the game to take place in early April..

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