Appeared "unkillable" phone - Cell phones

Appeared The mobile phone, which can sink, to fall, to be frozen in a block of ice without consequences and the day to work in the talk mode. At MWC 2011. American Sonim has demonstrated the capability of its new model XP3300 FORCE. According to a special standard of pylevlagozashchishchennoye (IP standard), Sonim XP3300 FORCE has a protection level IP 68 (may, without consequences for electronics to fall onto concrete from a height of two meters and be immersed in the liquid at the depth of two metres). The screen in the XP3300 is protected by a special, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass. The mobile phone can work normally in the temperature range from -20В°C to 55В°C. in Addition, it is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera with backlight and GPS. According to the information the cost of this device will be about $400..

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