MacBook Pro increased muscle - Cell phones

MacBook Pro increased muscle - Cell phonesCirculating now about a week the rumors were true - Apple on Thursday updated its line of top-end MacBook Pro. Changes are not affected by the appearance of devices - design using one-piece aluminium remained the same. However, inside the computer there are several important evolutionary changes. First, new products built on the latest processors from Intel Sandy Bridge architecture, which also has integrated graphics core. Secondly, writes TechCrunch, Apple said goodbye to graphics chips from Nvidia, recognizing excellence for solutions from AMD - processor Radeon. However, in younger 13-inch model additional switchable graphics from AMD will not, users supposedly should be enough power integrated solution from Intel. In any case, the company claims that according to some performance options laptops from a new line of MacBook Pro twice predecessors. Another innovation is also related to Intel - new MacBook Pro debuts universal high speed data transfer technology LightPeak, own implementation which Apple called Thunderbolt (lightning). Thunderbolt divides connector with a mini-version of the DisplayPort connector - digital interface for connecting external monitors. However that connect to Thunderbolt, providing 20 times faster than USB 2.0 bandwidth, not very clear. Most likely, in the nearest time will be announced peripherals with the new interface, but they will not be immediately. Options RAM remains the same, but now it works on a higher frequency - 1333 MHz instead of 1066. This should speed up the exchange of information between different computer components. To the upgrading of the line Apple laptop timed and innovation on the software front, came out of beta and available for purchase in the Mac App Store version of the original appeared on the iPhone 4 FaceTime. Free for users of the iPhone 4 and latest iPod Touch program for "Mac" is 99 cents, on the new MacBook Pro is equipped with the original. Now it even supports video resolution of 720p. In the United States MacBook Pro with screen sizes 13 and 15 inch will cost, respectively, from 1199 and $ 1799. From that mark has started and is similar to the previous generation. Top 17-inch MacBook Pro is now in the basic version is equipped with an Intel Quad-core 2.2 GHz and a hard disk of 750 GB, so the price is slightly higher - 2499 dollars..

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