In Rage will be available level editor - Cell phones

In Rage will be available level editor - Cell phonesCreative Director of the game Rage (id Software / Bethesda Softworks) Tim Willits (Tim Willits) reported that in the PC version of the project will be presented a full-featured level editor. Not a light set of tools for modinha, and almost complete development kit, which is used by developers themselves. Start the console window, type 'id studio', press Enter, and here it is - all of our tools," said Mr. Willits. With it, players will be able not only to modify existing locations, but also create your own with new characters, quests, models, sound, and animation. However, this will have to work hard. "To develop unique levels will not be so easy, because our new engine [id Tech 5] is much more complicated," says Tim Willits. - Although I am sure that almost immediately after release from the very talented fans will show themselves and will release a lot of mods". The game will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in September: 13th - in the United States and the 16th in Europe. On collision with an asteroid Apophis Earth "answered" the Apocalypse has come to nuclear winter, killed 80% of the people. We are one of the few survivors and survivors, just have to make from the ruins of civilization something more digestible. But to do this, hard to shoot, shoot and again to shoot..

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