The development is the addition of Mass Effect 2: Arrival - Cell phones

The development is the addition of Mass Effect 2: Arrival - Cell phonesIf you believe the advertising booklet found in the box with the game Dragon Age II downloadable add-on Mass Effect 2: Arrival is already developed. Press, get early access to RPG Dragon Age II, found a brochure with a picture of the Earth, the N7 logo from Mass Effect 2 and the slogan: "the Arrival has begun." However, this is not the first mention of a hypothetical while additions: information about him hit the Net on the twentieth of February. Apparently, we get the story jumper between the second and third parts of the project. Playing Mass Effect 2 remember that we foiled the plan for the invasion of the reapers, a race of intelligent spacecraft, living outside of the galaxy. And in the third part we will go on already captured by aliens Land and try to save her. But what was the invasion? - This will tell the addition. The release date of Arrival until called. We can say only one thing: the release will be before the Christmas holidays, because then there will be Mass Effect 3, developed by BioWare for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3..

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