10-nanometer microchips may appear to a 15-year - Cellular phones

10-nanometer microchips may appear to a 15-year - Cellular phonesUnofficial information emerged about the plans of Intel Corporation in the implementation of new technologies for the production of microprocessors. It is reported that in 2013 Intel identified the release of the chips on a 14-nanometer method. Products will be manufactured, in particular, the new plant Fab 42 in Chandler (Arizona, USA), the construction of which will begin in the middle of this year. At the time of commissioning of the plant will use 300-millimeter silicon wafers. Two years later, in 2015, Intel may have mastered the production of processors for 10-nanometer technology. Miniaturization will allow you to implement in chips additional features and capabilities that will provide not only increase the battery life of portable devices from the battery, but also reduce the cost of the final products. Well, for the near future, we will remind, the company has planned the production of 22-nanometer chips Ivy Bridge by the method of Tri-Gate, involving the transition from planar structures of the transistors to the bulk. Technology will allow you to create processors that operate at lower voltage with lower leakage currents. The announcement of the Ivy Bridge chips will be held in early 2012..

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