Tomorrow comes the puzzle game Portal 2 - Cell phones

Tomorrow comes the puzzle game Portal 2 - Cell phonesElectronic Arts (EA) and Valve remind you about tomorrow's release of spatial puzzles of Portal 2. on April 19, the game will be available in the online distribution of Steam and North American stores. For the digital edition is responsible Valve for retail option - EA. In Europe and Russia, the game will be on April 21; localization and publishing of Portal 2 in the Russian Federation was engaged in "Buka". Portal 2, the sequel to the 2007 game will continue the story of the heroine Chell travelling through the maze of research complex Aperture Science Labs. Since our last visit, it took several hundred years, and all this time she spent in suspended animation. In General, the studied device generating portals and forward - to develop new test site, created eccentric artificial brain GLaDOS. The main innovation of the second part is a co-op mode. Taking control of one of the two robots, we have to overcome a particularly difficult puzzle, which can be addressed only by joint efforts..

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